See behind the business as we share the stories, experiences, challenges and successes of business owners and leaders from the bush.

What is Your Country Business?

Life out in the country can be tough and sometimes lonely for those in business. Through our video-podcast Your Country Business aims to pull together those in rural and regional Australia through the most powerful medium - story.

Join us as we share laughs, tears, struggles, and triumphs of business owners and leaders out in the bush. 

By sharing stories we hope to improve the mindset of business owners living in the country, and promote the wonderful lifestyle of living out in the bush!

Podchaser - Your Country Business

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Shane Sellars

Shane Sellars

Show Host
I love all things business, technology, and having a chat. Combine the three together and you have Your Country Business - the video-podcast about business in the bush!. Come and join in the conversation with me!